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Day Eleven: Drake In A Snapback

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Can I have the link to the prologue please?


he’d be a good dad. period point and the blank.

she look like she could be him and karrueche’s baby 

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Valerie: An Abel Tesfaye Fanfiction: Prologue




We didn’t speak.

We just sat there, staring at each other.

What is there to say after that? I mean, I fucked up. Bad. I kept telling myself deny deny deny. But she saw through me.

I could no longer lie to her. She knew the truth. Everyone seemed to know the truth. I guess the only person…

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Amazing ending of an amazing story congrats girl! ♥

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Daddy's Little Girls: An Aubrey Graham Fanfic: Prologue



“Good morning Fihla! Time for school!” my mom said shaking my arm. I groaned in distressed and looked over at my clock to see it was 5 am.

“Mom! It’s only 5! School doesn’t start until 9!”

“Well I figured you and Isabella was going to need extra time to get dressed and do your hair so…

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You did an amazing job throughout this entire story!!

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